Updates for May 2001

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New Website of the Week today! :)


'nother Website of the Week... I get the impression this will be a slow month! :( Landmark: Main page @ 11000!!


Updated the Alanis and All Saints news, and put up a new website of the week today! COMING SOON!!!!! soulDecision!!!!!!


Today I put up a BRAND NEW soulDecision site: "Already Know My Name." This led to updates of the Site Map, Credits, Links, and Fonts pages. Be sure to check it out here!!!! :)


I put up the counter on Already Know My Name, and put up the June Updates page, which all led to Fonts and Site Map updates! :)


Put up some more soulDecision links, put a counter on June Updates page, and put up a new website of the week! :)


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